Mikuniya provides services on environmental risk management and disaster prevention, laying emphasis on field surveys. As interpreters who harmonize nature, environment and humans, we consistently make efforts to conduct projects, from making proposals to reporting results, guided by the concept of harmonization.

 【Natural Disaster Risk Management Consulting Service】

We conduct projects through best use of measuring and diagnostic technologies in field surveys to understand the present situation, represent the past situation and predict and evaluate the future situation, according to information obtained from digitalization of diverse events in nature.

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 【Environmental Risk Consulting Service】

In our projects, environmental conservation and protection are given primary importance, in tandem with economic efficiency and safety. Advanced technologies, a wide range of knowledge, and a lot of information are required for prediction and evaluation of environmental impacts from development or construction. To meet such needs, we are conducting projects based on highly accurate prediction and evaluation technologies.
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 【Earth measurement Services】

Based on newly developed three-dimensional measurements, we obtain and analyze great volumes of data using highly accurate technologies. In the field of Earth Measurement Services, we are proposing new alliances and improving the quality of reports through upgrading efficiency and visualization of our technologies.

 【Promotion of Eco-tourism】

Mikuniya also serves as the Secretariat for the Setonaikai Ecotourism Association. For visitors from other countries, the Secretariat plans and conducts ecotours to Miyajima, a Ramsar Site and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.